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Farm Arena

The lush green fields and paddocks have good fencing and like the farm itself is surrounded by mountains and nature and a very calm & peaceful place. The yearlings stretch their limbs to the best extent possible by all means everyday as a part of their daily routine in the vast fields which builds the solid body, level topline and croup, long legs with great length of neck. The fields are designed and created keeping in mind the maximum space per yearling, mare and stallion. The area per yearling varies as they keep growing every next day, which is being supported by larger fields for them to let them loose. The fields are designed replicating the natural environment where they are found in many places like the valleys, mountains, farm lands; across the world. This environment helps them to build their body and strengthen the limbs as they exercise by roaming across in the fields which have terrain topography. The yearlings love to be in home under the sky in all weather conditions as same as the natural environment, which gives them the natural habitat feel, to prepare them for easily adapting to various climatic condition after their farm life. This approach gives them opportunity to enjoy every second of their farm life before they see the iron gates that opens to allow them to perform at their best. Feeding them with the natural nutritious diet components which constitutes natural Chlorophyll, Sucrose, Glucose, Protein, Calcium, Vitamins, Minerals, Iron and dry hay varieties which make them feed satisfactory & blissfully. The diet is provided in calculated dosage(s) to each of the livestock such that they stay healthy throughout the year. Feeding is a critical aspect that is being given a very high importance, with a systematic methodology of feeding and a regular visit of the veterinary dietitian who provides the necessary recommendation on fodder to the livestock at different stage of the growth cycle of the yearlings preparing them to perform.




The farm has a special quarantine zone which is highly critical for any livestock which comes in to our farm. This facility is used to provide veterinary check up before the new arrival becomes one of our farm’s family member. This is also used to treat any unusual behavior or symptoms in the troop.


A well maintained clean, safe, quiet place is created for mares to foal. The stall always has adequate bedding and a floor that can be readily cleaned and disinfected. Straw (particularly rice straw) is filled to keep the mare comfortable. Foaling is closely monitored to provide all medical assistance if required to bring the CHAMPION to existence.


The pre and post foaling situations are also monitored. Large care is given during different stages of foaling processes like the mare is PREPARING FOR BIRTH, LABOR & DELIVERY, and POSTPARTUM CARE FOR MARE AND FOAL. We believe in, “Nature has provided an efficient system for the mare to deliver and care for her young. Being prepared and informed so we can enjoy the miracle of birth, keeping our anxiety in check and help the new mother and foal get off to a great start. Our patient, structured and proven methodologies have provided great results in providing the new foal its best of care from the moment its on the insubstantial limbs till they become powerful”. Veterinary doctor is available during each of the foaling which is the distinct non compromise resolution which has helped us to achieve 99.99% of foaling successful from the time in practice. These uncompromisable procedures propel us to focus on high quality of livestock that Rolli Stud Farm produces.


Ample office area is provided for our guest to spend a pleasant time in the farm. The paddocks are built to exhibit the livestock to guest. A viewing area is created on top of cliff to get a bird’s eye view of the farm, the most amazing experience which one can cherish for long. The trip to the farm will surely be an exciting and a fruitful journey and one will surely walk out with a highly energetic feel of a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment of one’s dream coming true very soon.


Plan your trip soon, and experience the wide variety of exhibit of live stock at Rolli Stud Farm. We await your visit and welcome you always with a sense of pleasure to serve you better with Our CHAMPIONS.


The Stables

The farm is located in a paradise like environment. The fields are enormous, green and of good quality. The stables are very large equipped with good cross ventilation to bring bright sun shine and cool breeze passing the nostrils and providing healthy lung exercise. All the stables have an outdoor window and low bars so the horses can keep in contact with each other. These are provisioned to protects the new born and mares more carefully. Each & Every livestock gets personnel attention from the care taker around the clock in all the seasons.